Goodness Gracious Club

The Popular Children’s Book Series on Manners and Etiquette – The Goodness Gracious Club

The Goodness Gracious Club children’s book series teaches kids of all ages proper manners, behaviors and etiquette for their daily lives. Unlike any other on the market, these popular children’s books use catchy rhymes, bright pictures and stories about a number of kid characters in a children’s club to reinforce good manners – table manners, playground manners, good sportsmanship, good manners on busses and trains, and manners in communication with other kids, teachers, babysitters, parents and older adults.

Popular books with adults and children alike, The Goodness Gracious Club children’s books offer an even greater plus at each book’s end – each contains a series of fun, interactive games and exercises that kids can take part in to learn and exhibit better manners, sportsmanship and study habits.

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This series is a great lesson plan for teachers, parents, relatives and babysitters who want to teach kids proper manners and etiquette by positively reinforcing these manners through fun games and activities.

Now, having good manners is not only polite – it’s cool!

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